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Volunteer Requirements

Thank you for volunteering
We could not do this without you!

As an appreciated volunteer, we know you understand the importance of keeping our players safe. Following is a summary of the requirements necessary to be cleared to volunteer both legally and safely at Ladera Little League.

1.     All volunteers need to be registered with an account on the Ladera Little League website, and sign up for a volunteer role.

2.     NEW A recent bill (AB 506)  passed by the State of California added all Youth Service Organizations to the list of organizations whose regular volunteers and staff (volunteers who have more than 16 hours in a month or least 32 hours during the year) must complete training in child abuse and neglect reporting, become mandated reporters, and complete LiveScan background checks. 

The league has received authorization from the CA DOJ to run volunteer LiveScans. Volunteers will only have to complete their LiveScan background check once. Ladera Little League will receive subsequent notifications of any future background check items. Follow the link to access information on Live Scan locations throughout the state. AB 506 also requires that 2 persons who have completed both a LiveScan and child abuse and neglect reporting training described below to be present while conducting any Ladera LL activities with youth. A single volunteer cannot be alone with players at any time while performing Ladera LL volunteering duties. This includes the beginning or end of practice or individual coaching sessions. 

3.     All volunteers need to complete the Little League International required background check administered by JD Palatine ("JDP"). You will receive an email from Ladera Little League inviting you to complete the background check. JDP does not provide notification of subsequent arrest after the background check is completed, therefore the national Little League background checks must be completed annually. 

Pursuant to California State Law, Article 3 (commencing with Section 11100) of Chapter 1 of Title 1 of Part 4 of the Penal Code, criminal history information is used internally.  Confidential criminal history information is not disclosed to the public.

4. All volunteers must complete online mandated reporter training in child abuse and neglect. 
The 2 hour training provided by the Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training Project provides free training for all mandated child abuse reporters so they may carry out their responsibilities properly. Please download the completion certificate provided at the end of the training as proof of compliance.

5.    California law requires that all managers/coaches, administrators and officials complete an online concussion training at least once before supervising youth athletes. Other  volunteers may complete this training as well, but it is not required. A certificate from a prior season is valid for the current season. It takes only about 30 minutes to complete the training. Follow the link to the CDC HEADS UP to Youth Sports online training. Please print out or download the certificate once you complete the training and quiz as proof of compliance.

6.    Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Protocol: (Required once by CA law)  AB 379  requires that the same protocols used for concussions in youth and high school sports to be used to help protect young athletes participating in school and community youth sports organizations from sudden cardiac arrest—the #1 killer of young athletes. Community youth sports organizations include an organization, business, nonprofit entity, or a local governmental agency that sponsors or conducts amateur sports competitions, training, camps, or clubs in which persons 17 years of age or younger participate. The 20 minute online Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Training need only be taken once. Please download the completion certificate provided at the end of the training as proof of compliance.

7.    COVID-19 Vaccination of County Program Partner Personnel and Volunteers - The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance requiring County Program Partner personnel and volunteers to 1. Provide one-time verification that they are fully vaccinated OR 2. If the Partner Personnel is unvaccinated, but is granted a valid medical or sincerely held religious belief exemption by their employer, provide a weekly certification to their employer of a negative polymerase chain reaction(“PCR”) or antigen test as evidence that they are in compliance with the mandate.

The above steps are required to keep Ladera Ladera Little League in compliance with Little League International requirements and California law.

We recognize that as a Little League Volunteer, you dedicate many hours to serving our players each month, and we appreciate your assistance in completing these requirements, including those related to the new California Law.  Our commitment is to provide as much support as possible to ensure our volunteers are not severely impacted with time/travel issues.  We will continue to update you on this process but want to make you all aware of the new requirements. 

Thank you for all that you do to ensure that we have a safe community!

Uploading Required Education/Training Certificates

Ladera Little League asks all volunteers/admins to complete a range of safety-related courses. To ensure the safety of players,
certificates of course completion must be added to the volunteer’s account on the league website for verification by the league. 

1. To upload your Certificates, log into your Account on the league website.

2. Choose Volunteer to display your volunteer roles and safety and training details.

3. Select Details under the photo icon

4. Scroll to Additional Information

5. To upload a certificate, click the “+” next to certificate you wish to upload.

6. Select a file from your computer and click Upload Document

7. Select Save when you are done uploading.

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